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Back in 1910, Miguel de Unamuno walked along the steep roads of Artenara, in the full western peaks of Gran Canaria. From a natural balcony above, he looked at the infinite horizon of the volcanic Tejeda basin. Another would have run out of words. He was cascaded and stained with incandescent lyric. "All those black walls of the great caldera, with their ridges, which look like battlements, with their rocky roques, offer the appearance of a Dantesque vision," he wrote, then finish off the description with another beautiful metaphor: "It is a tremendous commotion of the bowels of the earth; It looks like a petrified storm, but a storm of fire, lava, more than water. ”

In 1999, Artenara thanked the writer for having coined so early a tourist slogan, building a viewpoint dedicated to him on these peaks that impressed him so much, the Balcony of Unamuno, and erecting there a statue that recalls his stay, by the work of local artist Manolo González . Thus, leaning on his railing, the aguiline profile of the genius of the generation of 98 contemplates today, as yesterday, this lucky landscape, looking for the best words to describe what is best limited to admire.

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