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Flower Cheese

In Montaña Alta, a small payment of the highlands of Santa María de Guía, they decided one day that it was good to hide the recipe for cheese cheese. The recipe for the most inimitable cheese on the island had been for some century than another passing from mothers to daughters, from fathers to sons and, occasionally, in exceptional cases, they told it to some nephew. Only then did they tell it, in rarer cases than a blue tomato, rarer than a bad weather day in Maspalomas.
But one day it happened that the most respected of the artisans of the Flor de Guía Cheese, decided that there were thousands of sandwiches that could not miss a second more the extraordinary flavor that that cheese had on it ... And that the tables where they should not miss it either the good wine of Gran Canaria was mixed with dishes of old clothes and crumpled potatoes. And that he could not miss it, not one more hour, the traveler who appeared in the old town of Guía.

They decided that there would always be flower cheese, to give and take, at the counter of Santiaguito Gil the winemaker and at Arturo''s shop, on the road to Gáldar. And that its strong and tasty flavor should not be missed even one more day by the wealthiest man in the capital. The same one who liked it, when it was unveiled, approach the cupboard and make a great sandwich, sleep with country bread and cheese.
To be known and to travel in the hour car to the capital and beyond. As far as anyone in charge of the distribution, the distribution of a cheese sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, would like. In the end, like life itself.

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