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Playa del ingles

Playa del Inglés is one of the most popular beaches in La Gomera and has garnered numerous reports in the international press. Surprise for its volcanic sand and for the spectacular cliffs of La Mérica. Its access by car is easy and you just have to walk a little along a road. Extreme precautions must be taken in the bathroom since many people have drowned in these waters.
In the 70s this beach became a mecca of the hippie movement, which settled around forming a colony. His bohemian fame has lasted to this day and there are many young people who pilgrimage to the English beach in search of that form of life that is not without controversy today. From that has remained that air of freedom of ‘live as you want’ in which textiles and nudists mix without problem.

What to see near Playa del Inglés

Although in general in all the beaches of La Gomera in the southern area you can see good sunsets, you have to live one in Playa del Inglés or in La Calera Beach. It is a glorious moment because it is one of the points of the Canary Islands where this show is best contemplated. Dozens of people from all over the world pay tribute to the sun each evening to the sound of the drums.

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