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One of the great riches offered by the island of La Gomera is its craftsmanship, which is characterized by its tradition, usefulness and diversity.
Among its modalities, ceramics, made with mud sand and almagre, use the hands of artisans as a single tool, which makes each piece unique.
Other types of raw material such as wood are also worked, and with it the well-known jackets and mortars and other decorative utensils are made.
Vegetables are used in Gomera crafts to make baskets, bags or hats.
Special mention should also be made of the use of looms in which beautiful rags, bedspreads, blankets, carpets and saddlebags are made, using strips of old rags and cotton threads.

A tradition that remains
What in the last third of the twentieth century were trades, today the visitors of the island fall in love.
Craftsmanship is a very peculiar culture turned into a tourist attraction that draws on the natural elements of the land itself to shape them with their hands. A tradition that extends from the first settlers of La Gomera to the present day.
The work of artisans is the living reflection of those who still struggle to keep crafts in La Gomera alive. Friendly people who always have their doors open to show the most curious, the secrets of their daily work.






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