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Garachico is a picturesque town that for many is among the most beautiful on the island. It was founded in 1496 by a Genoese merchant, Cristóbal de Ponte.

The hermitage of San Roque, the former convent of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, the former convent of San Francisco or the Hacienda of El Lamero: these are several of the places you have to visit yes or yes. The charm of this town is also its relaxed atmosphere, which calls you to sit in its squares, such as La Libertad, Abajo and Las Lonjas.

After the break, the route we propose includes the Casa del Marqués de la Quinta Roja, the Casa de Piedra or the Condes de La Gomera and the Parque de la Antigua Puerta de Tierra. Also note the Matriz church of Santa Ana and the Castillo-Fortaleza de San Miguel.

Garachico is of Cultural Interest with the category of Historical Ensemble. In 1980 he also won the Gold Medal of Fine Arts.

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