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You are sitting on the edge of the sea, letting yourself rock in the murmur of the waves, in the heat of the gentle rays of the evening sun. You had forgotten the time that you had not felt so well.


The seabed of Tenerife is rich in algae, they are on the seashore. A simple technique is to sit on the sand and apply them generously on the skin, or make a gentle massage with them. The effects are immediate.

The weather

An average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and 3,000 hours of light per year positively influence the mood. The climate of the island brings benefits for the body and spirit that are more than scientifically proven: it reduces stress, helps tone muscles, balances the nervous system, fights fatigue, improves depressive states and revitalizes the skin.

Tropical fruits

A delicious consequence of the mild climate of Tenerife are the products of the land. Tropical fruits such as bananas, kiwi, mangoes, avocados or guavas are very tasty, but they also boast healthy properties.

Volcanic rocks

 Its soft and molded texture makes them great for massages that eliminate tensions and provide great serenity. The therapy is based on placing hot stones in energy points of the body and thus achieve physical and mental balance.

Wine therapy

Drinking Canarian wines is wonderful, and applying them as a massage or body treatment is no less. In your list of benefits include all the “anti” that you can think of: anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-fatigue…

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