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The island of La Palma is wonderful for activities such as hiking, its volcanic landscape, Canarian cuisine and for being one of the quietest and most beautiful islands it is a gem for any visitor.

Taburiente boiler

It is the crown jewel of the island, where the National Park resides. Undoubtedly, it is one of the things to see on the island of La Palma, with the emblematic Roque de los Muchachos, with 2,446m. In addition to the Roque and the Astrophysical Center with one of the most important telescopes in the world, the interior of the caldera is a vergel of fauna and flora.

Tilos Forest

It is one of the few ecosystems of the Macaronesian laurasilva in the world. Highlights the spectacular waterfall that is near the visitor center and the recreation area.

The San Antonio Volcano and the Teneguía

To the south of the island are these two spectacular volcanoes, a landscape very different from the north of the island. The Teneguía is the last volcano that erupted on the island in 1971.

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