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  • Eating or smoking is forbidden.
  • Use the gym machines properly.
  • Under-16s cannot use the gym equipment.
  • Anyone that enters the centre accepts the rules
  • For the sake of safety and hygiene, please carry a towel and wear footwear when using the gym. You must never enter the gym wet.
  • Once you have finished working out, please leave any equipment you have used in its proper place.
  • To avoid accidents, please refrain from using glasses or other glass objects inside the centre.
  • Please do not walk barefoot inside the premises.
  • All users must wear a bathing costume and carry a towel to use the Sauna and Turkish Baths.
  • If you are interested in any of our treatments and have some kind of physical ailment, please talk to your doctor first and take the contraindications that our Despacio Beauty Centre personnel will explain to you into account.
  • The use of a towel is required.
  • The use of sports clothes and footwear is obligatory.
  • Please use the machines and weights correctly, and if you are in any doubt please consult the monitor or person in charge.